Cold Appetizers


Cucumber, garlic and yogurt


Smoked Eggplant salad


Stuffed traditional vine leaves and mousse yogurt

Tomatoes Bruscettes

Freshly grilled sliced bread, tomatoes, cheese mixture, red peppers and kritama

Marinated small fish (gavros) 

Mediterranean variety of cold appetizers

Tzatziki, fish roe salad, eggplant salad, Dolmadakia, marinated gavros



Hot Appetizers

Traditional fried zucchini croquettes with fresh herbs

Cheese and bacon croquettes  

Fresh fried potatoes

Saghanaki feta cheese with pesto basil and tomatoes

Crumbed feta cheese with honey and sesame

Stuffed Mushrooms

Fried squid with alioli 

Steamed mussels

Octopus cooked in red wine with fava beans pure*

Grilled Octopus*