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Main Dishes


Lamb in the oven (Traditional kleftiko)

Traditional recipe, lamb thigh cooked in clay pot with celery,

carrots and cheeses

Stamnas veal (Traditional in a pot)

Traditional recipe with potatoes, eggplant, and cheeses

Bass fish cooked in oven

A whole fish cooked in baking paper with sun dried tomatoes,

pine seeds, olives and pure olive oil

Schnitzel parmesan

Sautéed pork schnitzel with parmesan sauce

Chicken Honey and Mustard

With sesame honey and mustard sauce

Chicken a' la Chef

Chicken fillets sautéed with onion, mushrooms,

Grated carrot and spices

Pork fillet with sun dried tomatoes

Sautéed with onions and white wine*

Escalope al limone

Sautéed with light lemon sauce cooked in white wine*

Fillet stroganoff

Sauté pieces of fillet with green peppers, mushrooms, onions

Peppery Fillet

Veal fillet sautéed with brandy, green pepper specks and cream



Only for lunch time

Fried small fish (gavros)

Grilled sardine